Best Places To View 4th of July Fireworks

Who’s going out for an Independence Day ride? Whatever you choose to do, break out your red, white & blue! If you’re headed to Macy’s Fireworks tonight, find out where the best views are at. Have a safe, fun and relaxing Fourth of July!!

  1. Fornino, Brooklyn
  2. Domino Park, Brooklyn
  3. American Brass, Queens
  4. Watermark Bar, Manhattan
  5. The Williamsburg Hotel, Brooklyn

Make sure you get to these spots early, space is extremely limited and obviously demand is high. People come from all over the country to view the New York City fireworks, and even though there is still a pandemic this year will be no different.

Fireworks Start: 8:00pm

Miss the show? Re-live the action below!

After a crazy year of pain, heartache, and seeing the city (and country) go through its hardest time since September 11th, the Macy's 4th of July Fireworks Spectacular was a symbolic return to some level of normalcy. New Yorkers and Americans gathered together to celebrate our nation's independence, which this year meant something a little more than just independence from Great Britain.

If you didn't get a chance to see the fireworks in person, or on TV, enjoy this great view from The NYC Walking Show.